Paradis Perdus for Linux Released, Press Roundup and the Indie Dev Grand

December 1st, 2012

Today Paradis Perdus got nominated for the Indie Dev Grant by Bundle-in-a-Box. This means that people who buy the bundle will be given a chance to choose a game that they think deserves to get the grant. The grant itself is a certain percentage of money from every purchase of the bundle. This money will then be used by the development team (or the individual) who wins the grant fo finish their project.

The last Indie Dev Grant went to Simon Roth, who has recently joined the ranks of Kickstarter success stories with his kickass project, Maia. We’re really hoping to be the next.

And now that I’m done with this little promo (please, please vote for us when you buy the bundle!1), I’d like to say we are really thankful for all the support and feedback that we have received since release of the alpha, so to give something back, we are releasing a Linux version of the game now.

You can download the Linux version of Paradis Perdus (1.0.41) here:

You can still download Mac and Windows versions here:

From now on, we are going to update all three PC versions of the game simultaneously: Mac, Linux and Windows.

Please, leave comments, tell us how it works! We need your feedback, this is why the current version is called an alpha.

If you are not planning on buying Bundle-in-a-Box (which is, by the way, a mistake, there’re always plenty of super awesome games in it), you can also support us by tweeting about Paradis Perdus with #myouyagame hashtag. This might just get us an OUYA SDK and you an OUYA version of the game! Gamepad controls are already implemented, we just need a console to test them on.

Finally, to end this post, I’ve prepared a short roundup of media responses to Paradis Perdus (in chronological order).

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