Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises)

November 19th, 2012

Hello, good people of the world. I am happy to present my new game, made in collaboration with a couple of other awesome people from ENJMIN, my video game grad school. The game was originally created for Game à Niaque, a French game competition, but we are going to continue iterating on the thing. Meanwhile, I invite you to watch the gameplay video and play the alpha, which has just been translated into English.

Team: Sergey Mohov (game design, programming), Fabian Bodet (graphics, art direction), Matthieu Bonneau (music, sound design), Michèle Kopff (music).

The game is about not belonging. You are the bad guy, you are killing everything you touch. The world you are in is beautiful and green, but the moment you get into it, you start infecting everything, and the world starts decaying, until it eventually ceases to exist. You can choose to exit the world, and then it will heal itself, but then you don’t get to enjoy it of course, because you’re not there any more.

Here are download links to the latest version of the game.

Mac: (+ Mirror)

Windows x32: (+ Mirror)

Windows x64: (+ Mirror)

Update: Linux Universal:

(if you don’t know which type of Windows you have, just download the Win32 version of the game, it works on most PCs)

Download screenshots:

People have been requesting the soundtrack from the game, so here it is, straight from Matthieu’s SoundCloud. The first one is the clean version, the second one is infected. Enjoy!

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  • Windows 7?

    • Windows x32 and Windows x64 are not versions of Windows, they are Windows types. If you’re not sure which one you have, just download Win 32, it works on most computers 😉

  • The game looks really interesting. I love the gorgeus lo-fi visuals. Did you use unity terrain editor to make the environment, or it’s just a custom mesh? I’m pretty curious!

    • Thank you! The terrain is a custom mesh, divided into separate triangles using a 3DS Max algorithm, so we have something like 20k separate objects in the game. This poses some obvious problems in terms of editing the level, but it has its benefits too. For instance, this way we will get better results when I implement occlusion culling, and we already get awesome results from far plane clipping.

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  • Is there a chance for a Linux version of the game?

    • Absolutely. We’re still in a test mode with Unity 4, but I assure you that the Linux version is coming shortly.

  • On a Map Pro with a Radeon 5870 running MacOS X 10.8.2, the app stays stuck on the Loading… screen. I tried lower resolutions and qualities, same result.

    • Sorry about that, on some machines the alpha loads for a long time. Try leaving it for 5 minutes or so on the Loading screen, that should solve it. It’s because we were in a rush to release the alpha, it’s going to be fixed in one of the later versions.

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  • abductedjoe

    this might be just me being dumb but whenever i run the game it says, “Data folder not found” could you please tell me (if you know) how to fix this problem? (using windows 32 and 64)

    • Hi! Sure. Make sure that your .exe file and Data folder are both in the same directory. I would even suggest that you created one just for them. Should work that way. Please let me know if you’re having any other trouble with it.

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  • bmxracer23

    Hey, uhhh Sergey, Whats with the .exe name, Virus? I laughed at that.

  • bmxracer23

    There are random holes in the world, and I fell in one, like the world is disappeared that spot.

    • Dumbass

      That’s supposed to happen. Awhile after you step over a spot of grass or stone it will disappear.

  • Hello! I have just written this post about how I used your brilliant game in my classroom today. Best wishes,

  • Born2Kill

    When i set the quality under “Good” i spawn in the wrong place :O

  • Considering Unity 4 and its Occulus Rift support 🙂 ?

    • We would love to do an Oculus Rift version of Paradis Perdus, but unfortunately we can’t really afford it right now.

  • Jimmy

    I’m spawning under the map. How do i get it to spawn me in the right spot?

    • Hi! Could you please send me a screenshot of this? Thank you!

      • Jimmy

        I figured out what it was. there is either a lighting error or a texture error because I watched some playthroughs and saw where I was supposed to spawn, and sure enough I can walk out. it fixes itself when i get to the door and i hear the “closing sound. i have windows 7 64x running it with simple graphics, but it also does this with the two below the simple.
        EDIT: also, if i continue back in the cave, I will get stuck in the cave because the door closed.

  • jackriper2013

    how the hell to i get this game?

    • Well, you could try downloading it as a start 🙂

  • jackriper2013

    man this dowloads slowly -_-

  • jackriper2013

    yeah i figord that aut sergey

  • jackriper2013

    sergey mohov how lond did it taik you to make this game?

  • jackriper2013

    damn the loading screens are realy long and thats what i dont like -_-

  • GreenISacreativecolour

    The game always ends up going unresponsive after I press ENTER for some reason. Do you know how to fix this?

  • Zerple

    The graphic style in this game is absolutely wonderful. Just curious, would you be against someone using this style in a indie survival-based game? Note: I am not actually capable of coding something like that, but I would love to try to make a little game out of it when I have the skill.

  • Cameron

    Okay, so I’ve downloaded the game and it’s currently sitting on my desktop in a .zip file. Wondering how i can actually play the game, thanks.

    • Diamond Dragon

      Extract the files to an external folder and run the game. Unless you are not being serious, which I hope is the case.