Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises)

November 19th, 2012

Hello, good people of the world. I am happy to present my new game, made in collaboration with a couple of other awesome people from ENJMIN, my video game grad school. The game was originally created for Game à Niaque, a French game competition, but we are going to continue iterating on the thing. Meanwhile, I invite you to watch the gameplay video and play the alpha, which has just been translated into English.

Team: Sergey Mohov (game design, programming), Fabian Bodet (graphics, art direction), Matthieu Bonneau (music, sound design), Michèle Kopff (music).

The game is about not belonging. You are the bad guy, you are killing everything you touch. The world you are in is beautiful and green, but the moment you get into it, you start infecting everything, and the world starts decaying, until it eventually ceases to exist. You can choose to exit the world, and then it will heal itself, but then you don’t get to enjoy it of course, because you’re not there any more.

Here are download links to the latest version of the game.

Mac: (+ Mirror)

Windows x32: (+ Mirror)

Windows x64: (+ Mirror)

Update: Linux Universal:

(if you don’t know which type of Windows you have, just download the Win32 version of the game, it works on most PCs)

Download screenshots:

People have been requesting the soundtrack from the game, so here it is, straight from Matthieu’s SoundCloud. The first one is the clean version, the second one is infected. Enjoy!

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